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  • Vote Tony Wilkins City Council District 5

    Tony Wilkins

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What They're Saying

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsA proven fiscal conservative,he will fight for smaller government. We need his strong voice and proven experience working for us.

The Honorable Laura Wiley, NC General Assembly

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsTony is frugal with money and will be a good watchdog of taxpayer money.

Bill Knight, former Mayor of Greensboro

What They're Saying about Tony Wilkins...Wilkins is on the War Memorial Commission, what is commonly called the Coliseum Commission. He is without a doubt the most conservative member of that commission and has resisted the pressure put on him to vote with the majority. There are some folks on that board who really know how to pressure people, and the fact that Wilkins has held his ground is admirable.

Rhino Times

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsTony studies the issues in order to make informed decisions and comes to meetings on time and prepared. Tony asks hard questions and is confident in his facts and decision making to stand to his principles.

Zack Matheny, Greensboro City Council

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsAs a member of the War Memorial Commission, Tony is responsive to members of the Greensboro City Council and has the fortitude to vote his conscience, popular or not. He's not a rubber stamp.

Mary Rakestraw, Greensboro City Council 2007-2011

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsTony served the Guilford County GOP as Executive Director for two years during my tenure as Chairman. He took the lead and was our point person in the successful effort in 2009 to elect the first Republican Mayor and Republican majority Council in Greensboro in modern times.

Bill Wright, Chairman, NC Republican Chairman's Association

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsIf every county GOP had an Executive Director like Tony Wilkins, we would never lose an election.

Tom Fetzer, former NC GOP Chairman

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsSome people can transcend ideology, know how to communicate with people of differing opinions, don't rigidly categorize people as friend or enemy and can discriminate between good and bad ideas without regard to the source of their genesis. Tony's like that...

R. Smith, Jr.

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsHes got the bona fides as a current member of the War Memorial Commission and veteran of dozens of campaigns as part of the Guilford County GOP, with enough connections, savvy and clout to get things done.

local weekly

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsI have known Tony for over thirty years and he has worked hard his entire life. He has lived in Guilford County his entire life. He is very aware and concerned with our issues right here at home. We need this type of dedication to our public safety issues. Please get out and pass the word. Vote Tony Wilkins.

Kendall McCarter, Fire Chief

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsThe [War Memorial] commissioner that always keeps us straight...

F. Gatten, Chairwoman, War Memorial Commission

What They're Saying about Tony Wilkins...fiscal hawk...

Under the quiet leadership of past Chairman Bill Wright and Executive Director Tony Wilkins, the Guilford County GOP focused successfully on bringing fiscal conservatism to city politics.

E. Cone

What They're Saying about Tony WilkinsTony is highly qualified for this position. When elected he will represent everyone to the best of his ability. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tony for a good number of years, and there is no better person. Tony is a businessman, married and has two beautiful children.

R. Coble, retired, Guilford County Sheriff's Dept.